If you can’t relate to the Italian mother or the Jewish father, you can certainly relate to the family-induced therapy. Steve Solomon is lucky enough to have all three and he paints a picture of his life for the audience in the one-man show 'My Mother’s Italian, My Father’s Jewish & I’m in Therapy.'

The entire play takes place while Solomon is in his therapist’s office waiting to begin his session. While he waits, he passes the time by engaging the audience in the story of his life. Feeling the need to explain why he is in therapy in the first place, Solomon guides the audience through specific events in his life that have consequently led to therapy. Utilizing his impressive impersonation skills, Solomon takes the voices of everyone from his father and mother to grandfather and grandmother to aunts and uncles.

One-man shows can be tricky since most audiences have less-than-stellar attention spans. Knowing this, Solomon is not only capable of changing his voice to adapt to each character he is impersonating, but also adjusting his mannerisms to tune into the particular person.

The audience gets the feeling of truly experiencing a person, rather than simply seeing them impersonated. It is apparent that Solomon knows his relatives very well and captures their inner personalities, rather than just the obvious characteristics anyone could see.

All the family members portrayed are filtered through Solomon’s skewered sensibilities with an assortment of accents, voices and sound effects. Solomon’s story as a Brooklyn native takes viewers through being the class clown, to a college emcee, to a high school teacher and finally to a comedian.

The Brentwood Theatre provides a lovely setting for any show. With a beautiful welcoming patio and a nicely lit stage it is a great venue for viewing plays. The seats are large and comfy and placed in stadium seating to ensure optimal viewing for the patrons.

The highly relatable comedy provided by Solomon is appropriate for most ages past teen and provides some good, clean making fun of relatives. Most laughs in the audience come from the association viewers make between Solomon’s characters and members of their own families . Solomon’s quick wit and harmless prodding sets the perfect stage for an event to take your own parents or relatives to.

Solomon has headlined all over the United States and Europe for over 20 years in venues large and small, including the Tropicana in Las Vegas and Atlantic City and comedy clubs all over. He has performed with George Carlin, Pat Cooper, Kenny Rogers and Dionne Warwick.

The show is for anyone with stereotypes in their family. Through exploration of the characters the audience can finally see that Italians and Jews are not that different, just as most groups of people are not that different from one another. In their cultural eccentricities they find common ground. So, what are you waiting for? GET UP AND GET OUT!

Brentwood Theatre is located on the Veterans Administration Grounds at 11301 Wilshire Blvd., in Los Angeles. Tickets are $32-$61 and are available at the Theatre Box Office or by calling (213) 365-3500 or visiting www.ticketmaster.com. Parking is available for $7. For more information, visit www.richmarkent.com.