This hard working band has been steadily working its way up the ladder for close to 15 years, and In With the Out Crowd brings them within reach of the top rung. The quintet has toned down its ska sound in order to concentrate on punk-edged power-pop winners like “Don't Fall Asleep on the Subway,” a tune about getting out of town and out of a rut.

Lyrically the boys are looking in the mirror and taking stock, evidenced in song titles like “Rest of My Life,” “Mostly Memories,” “Soundtrack of My Life” and the always-dodging-bullets sentiment of “Land Mines and Landslides.”

If this is the band members' mid-life crisis – no worries.   They're not getting older, they're getting better. The effort isn't completely ska-less, “A Still Life Franchise” does double duty as a great dance number and one of the disc's most radio-ready rockers.

Grade: B