If you have been itching for a new version of the Breakfast Club since 1985, then this movie could be of some interest to you. Set in college rather than high school, The Utopian Society pits six very different students together for one ill-fated evening of attempting to get a final group project done without severely injuring or killing each other first.

The film enlists stereotypical personas for its characters: the jock, sorority chick, frat guy, studious nerd, kinda-sorta hippie guy and gothed-out party girl.

Throughout the evening each member of the group reveals something about themselves that the others, utilizing their preconceived notions, would never have guessed. Some confessions come naturally while others are unexplainably blurted out for no apparent reason.

This little indie flick was shot in 11 days on the campus of Cal State Fullerton and the actors (a couple of whom you might recognize) had virtually no rehearsal time. Nevertheless the acting is fairly solid and the cinematography is great.

At times the dialogue ventures into the too-contrived philosophical rants that people seem to think are normal everyday speech for college students. That may only work for the undercover genius stoners in Kevin Smith movies.

Take the film at face value and don't try to make it something it's not and you just might enjoy it. That being said, I am going to give this movie the same grade that the teacher gave the students on their final project.

Grade: C+