Last week marked the official launch of menswear fashion label, 12:05™, a collection designed and created by Spanish design prodigy, Javier Echenique. 12:05™ originated five minutes past midnight on July 4th in Provincetown, Massachusetts, a date of significance marking the date of birth of its creator and the time when an unforgettable connection took place, a moment that Javier decided to celebrate with the creation of a clothing line.

Echenique was born in Madrid on the July 4th at 12:05 to a family of artists. Now based in New York, hailing from Miami, Javier continues to devote his time to the applied arts in architecture, interior design and painting, whilst simultaneously working on his newest, most exciting project, his fashion line.

The brands introductory spring/summer collection is inspired by the gorgeous, artistic and bohemian Cape Cod. The arts have been an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Echenique making this line a daring fusion between art and fashion. 

The new line offers exclusive designs paired with the highest quality fabrics and is currently sold through its e-commerce site, with stores to follow later this year. It includes everything from tees and polos to shorts and hoodies. Each piece includes Echenique’s signature design taken from his visionary sand paintings, part of the Crystal Riviyera Custom Series. In April, the line will be extended to include swimwear and accessories.

In keeping with Echenique’s vision of making great design accessible, the collection is priced between $55 and $120. The MV Tank, inspired by Martha’s Vineyard and made from soft cotton is $55, the Trubo T costs $65 and the Chatham Polo costs $85. The Nantucket Shorts featuring a narrow leg, a refined cut and a clean look are priced at $90, while the PTown Hoodie costs $120.

While dedicating a lot of his time to his newest, most exciting project his fashion line, Echenique continues to devote his time to the applied arts in architecture, interior design and painting. His artwork collections include abstract, collage, geometric, murals, portraits and sand paintings. Visit his website to find out more -