Sharks, earthquakes, black widow spiders and killer bees. Would that be enough to scare you away from a certain place? Probably not if that place is the land of golden dreams known as California, and certainly not if the warning about these things is issued in a juicy piece of chewy bubble gum called “Earthquakes & Shakes,” a typical offering from the new Brandtson disc.

Hello, Control is chock full of pop rockers that lean to the fluffy side and show influences from such masters of the genre as the Cars (“Denim Iniquity”) and Duran Duran (“Here We Go”). Concise guitar-oriented arrangements are the order of the day but “Cold War” blends in a little Depeche Mode attitude and “Nobody Dances Anymore” is not so much an indictment as it is an invitation.

The quartet has shot a somewhat goofy video for the dance number that makes it clear what they’re all about – forget the brooding and have some fun.

Grade: B+