Mates of State is a husband and wife duo – which, let's be honest, already sets them apart from the indie boy bands we see so often – made up of Kori Gardner on organ and vocals and Jason Hammel on drums and vocals.

Gardner and Hammel's voices simply melt together in these songs, which are (cheesy as it sounds) absolutely infused with happiness. Each is a joyous expression of love, tempered with a nice, realistic quality that keeps the music from sounding too sugary-sweet.

“Beautiful Dreamer,” for example, has one of the catchiest hooks I've heard in a long time – it's addictive. The duo's harmonies are fantastic and impossible to get out of your head. Upbeat piano with pretty tame drumming, the band's signature vocals and some very appropriate “na na na's” make this song a highlight.

The band demonstrates its versatility on the last track, “Running Out,” which is something of an indie ballad. Gardner provides the lead vocals and her sweet, strong voice adds a heart-wrenching quality to the track. Even in this song, they still demonstrate their amazing ability to create catchy hooks, whether the song is pop or not.

In the end, Bring it Back is just another reason to love Mates of State. It's the perfect soundtrack to a sunny day.

Grade: A