Since not all of us are lucky enough to be jet-setting fashionistas, a new line of T-shirts has done the work for us. With the hot designs created by Materialust you can visit any destination your little heart desires. Materialust‚s unique shirt designs are inspired by the cultural benefits of travel and a true appreciation for diversified artwork.

When you sport one of these fun and funky tees you may be wearing artwork from a travel brochure, poster, cocktail napkin or even a matchbook!

Stars like Eva Longoria, Wilmer Valderama and Anne Hathaway have already discovered these hip fashions and can be seen strutting them either paired with jeans and tennis shoes for a causal look or adding some edge to a more elegant ensemble by wearing it under a nice blazer.

The stylish tees feature images from the most coveted destinations across the globe and have a soft, vintage feel to the material.

Materialust boasts that its creative collection „has been developed for the hearts and minds of those individuals who love to experience the world and other cultures.

Not only do these super cute tees cater to that need of exploratory Angelenos, but also to the insatiable cravings of the fashion-forward who love fresh looks and new ideas to incorporate into their wardrobes.

So whether it‚s a place you have already ventured to or a destination you can‚t wait to arrive at, Materialust travel tees are definitely an adventurous addition to your summer wardrobe.

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