Literally meaning „flirt with the senses,‰ ŒL‚effleur des Sens‚ is a French Cabaret show that plays Thursday nights in Hollywood at the King King nightclub.

The variety-style show features eight extraordinarily talented dancers from around the world. Comprised of seven beautiful women and one nicely chiseled man, the show offers a spectrum of dances varying from one solo performer to the entire ensemble cast.

The impressive dances include everything from a cappella tap dancing to soaring aerial dancing to violent (but sexy) Latin-style dancing. The dancers are impeccably trained and each member has their own unique sex appeal.

The collection of songs chosen range from slow and seductive to fast and poppy, all of which deliver very different styles of dance and very different ideas of what is Œsexy.‚

Decked out in ornate and scandalous costumes the girls go from being bubble-gum chewing teenie boppers to silk-draped seductresses. The variety not only in the songs but also in the costumes and dances keeps audience members guessing what they will encounter next.

The lone male of the show plays hot host and adds a touch of a comedic element to the performance, serenading female audience members and ripping his clothes off.

The show is artistically daring and sinfully indulgent. The famous Cati Jean choreographs the French-inspired production combining beauty, strength and mystery to create an exciting story.

„I want to flirt with my audiences‚ imagination by introducing them to a world of visual artistry,‰ Jean says.

Enticing viewers with their sexual prowess, the dancers‚ movements are structured and disciplined, occasionally using neutral props to carry out their meanings.

The skilled performers pull off intense theatrics with precision as they physically display the erotic showcase. Although scantily clad, the dancers reveal that it is what they do not show that is truly the most intriguing. Some choreographed numbers take place behind sheer curtains while others display the dancers covered with silk robes, ever so slightly revealing glimpses here and there of what lies underneath.

Through fluid motion the performers bubble with intensity at the surface, revealing aggressive intentions at times.

ŒL‚effleur des Sens‚ is beyond just a pleasurable way to spend an evening, despite the disappointing fact that the performers lip synch the songs. The show is also highly affordable with general admission just $15 at the door, you can pay an extra $11 to get a reserved seat and it comes with a $7 drink ticket ˆ so basically you are only paying an extra $4 to have a seat reserved for you. It is definitely worth the extra dough.

King King is located at 6555 Hollywood Blvd., in Hollywood. Advance purchase tickets are available at  HYPERLINK "" Doors open at 9 p.m. and the show starts at 10:30 p.m., running approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. After-show party starts at midnight. For more information, call (323) 960-9234 or visit  HYPERLINK ""