Transforming dental floss from something pedestrian, into something cheerful and fun is not an easy task. Cocofloss does so, their “flossophy” includes brightening up the packaging and infusing the string with juicy flavors, like fresh coconut.

Dr. Cowan’s Garden takes trends and translates them into practical use. For example, the Turmeric Powder comes in a stunning lacquered jar, pretty enough for your vanity table. Easy to use, this pulverized version of the wonder root can be mixed into numerous foods and drinks to add flavor, color and nutrition, perfect for foodies, health nuts and beauty enthusiasts.

Such an obviously great idea, it’s difficult to believe no one has thought of it before, Box Appetit’s Eau Good Duo water filter and infuser combines an easy to carry, refillable water bottle with a filter that adds minerals and removes chemicals. A great way to stay hydrated on the go.

The Honey Scrubs from Worker B smell so good and come in such yummy flavors, you will have a hard time not tasting them. The Oatmeal & Brown Sugar and the Pollinator are calming, while the Grapefruit and the Coffee are invigorating. Why not get two?

Beach Blush and Nude Pearly make up the two luscious lip glosses in HydroPeptide’s Perfectly Plump Lip Kit. Add volume and shine to your holiday attire with just a swoosh of color. The duo also come with a silver clutch that doubles as an evening bag.


Pour-over enthusiasts will revel in CoffeeGator’s coffee maker. Simple, sleek and stylish, the borosilicate glass carafe and reusable, paperless stainless steel mesh filterproduce a scrumptious cup of joe. As the website states, “drink great coffee AND become a cooler person.”

Whether you’re too frugal to buy lunch or just like eating your own fare, Black + Blum’s Box Appetit Food Flask is the perfect vessel to carry your leftovers. It keeps everything either hot or cold, depending on your item, and is so cute and stylish, it makes for a wonderful present.


The Pickled Bloody Mary Mix by Kansas City Canning Co. is so damned cute, you will want to buy one for yourself and one for your favorite drinking buddy. Throw in the Sriracha Pickled Green Beans – in your gift bag and in your drink – and you will be well on your way to making friends and influencing people.


So adorable and so stunning, Picador Modern Classics’ pint sized editions of classic books, like Joan Didion’s “Slouching Toward Bethlehem” and Hilary Mantel’s “Giving Up the Ghost” make fantastic stocking stuffers. Buy a couple for yourself while you’re at it.

Humor and addiction fill “Recovery” by Russell Brand. A perfect self help guide for the completely irreverent.

John Green’s “Turtles All the Way Down” is long awaited and spot-on. The story of a girl afflicted with obsessive compulsive disorder will definitely get under your skin.

Truly a gorgeous book, “David Sedaris Diaries,” by David Sedaris of course, breathes new life into the journal format. This sort of scrapbook compiles drawings, musings, photos, doodles and much, much more.

“Seven Days of Us,” by Francesca Hornak follows one nuclear family forced by illness into seven, isolated days together. Secrets, of course, are revealed.


Skin Owl takes organic beauty seriously. Their daily brightening cleaning bars come chock-full of ingredients that promise to improve your skin naturally. The Turmeric version boosts skin’s clarity and helps retain moisture.

Oils have stormed the beauty industry and they truly are dynamite. Peet Rivko’s Balancing Face Oil uses avocado (it’s not just for toast!), jojoba and prickly pear to enrich and nourish skin.

Lavido’s line of inspired by nature beauty products brings balance to stressed out skin. The Invigorating Facial Serum utilizes frankincense, rose hip and evening primrose seed to nourish and invigorate.

Too much sun can lead to damaged and discolored dermis. Mad Hippie’s Exfoliating Serum uses 8 active ingredients to reverse the exposure and bring back healthier skin.

One to two applications per week takes your skin up a notch with Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare’s Polish Enzyme Firming Mask. All skin types can benefit from a little TLC.

Kakadu Plum is the key ingredient in Red Earth’s Brighten Refining Scrub. Dubbed “the alternative to getting a facial,” why not take the easy way out and pamper yourself?