This six-piece outfit hails from the hills of central Texas, but they are not into the folksy alt-country that Austin is known for. With strong songwriting that makes everything on Movie Monster a potential radio mainstay, Sound Team have learned from the (original) British Invasion bands like the Beatles, but even more so the Kinks.

Whether using dueling guitars or a solo synthesizer to create their peppy melodies, the vocals from Matt Oliver are what make this band stand out. Oliver enunciates clearly but often drops his voice down to a near whisper, which conveys a sense of urgency and a feeling of what is being sung is for your ears only.

Whether he meant it that way or not, the style is a neat little trick that draws the listener deep into the experience and on songs geared towards the dance floor like “TV Torso” the effect will have people hypno-dancing before they even realize what's going on.