You're sitting on your couch, watching another episode of “Entourage” and thinking to yourself, “Wow, they really get to go to all the cool places in L.A. I wish I could go to all those places.”   Well now you can!
Here, we have not only created a listing of all the hot spots the guys have ventured to, but also included which episodes they were in and what they were doing at the time, which should make for great conversation while you visit.

Travel through L.A. and stop by the boys' favorite breakfast joints, watering holes, and event venues. Walk down the same path Vince and the guys took at his first movie premier, buy booze in the same liquor store they shop at and chill on the same stretch of sand at the beach.   

With this list you will finally be able to feel like part of the “Entourage” gang while you dine at the finest restaurants, dance at the coolest clubs and party at the best venues in Los Angeles. And you will never again be strapped for a place to take your visiting buddies and family in the City of Angels. So read on for your exclusive peek behind the red carpet and then get busy planning your next trip out on the town.


8100 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood

Episode 1 “Entourage”/Season 1

The guys of “Entourage” have lunch at the trendy Fred Segal on Melrose amongst models and actresses. Fred Segal is the epitome of L.A. style. This hip boutique/restaurant/cafe can only be found in Los Angeles, West Hollywood and Santa Monica.  


6360 W. Sunset Blvd., Hollywood

Episode 1 “Entourage”/Season 1

Episode 4 “Date Night”/Season 1

Vince's film premier takes place at the ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood. The ArcLight is the best movie theater for watching the movie stars on the big screen while sitting next to the movie stars in the comfy seats.  


730 N. La Cienega Blvd., West Hollywood

Episode 1 “Entourage”/Season 1

Episode 9 “The Boys are Back in Town”/Season 2

Eric and Ari have a business dinner to discuss Vince's career as an actor and Eric's career as his manager. There is no hipper joint in L.A. to munch on sushi and sip sake than the strictly A-List Koi.  


7855 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood

Episode 2 “The Review”/Season 1

Vince's Head-On co-star Jessica Alba throws a huge Hollywood party and the crew stocks up on booze at Almor Wine & Spirits.


1111 S. Figueroa St., Los Angeles

Episode 3 “Talk Show”/Season 1

Episode 10 “My Maserati Does 185”/Season 2

Episode 17 “I Love You Too”/Season 2

The famed Staples Center is home to a few events on “Entourage” including the guys checking out a boxing match, sitting front row at a Lakers game and attending an unforgettable U2 concert for Johnny Drama's birthday.


21150 Dumetz Rd., Woodland Hills

Episode 3 “Talk Show”/Season 1

The boys take some much-needed relaxation time while playing golf at the Woodland Hills Country Club with Ari.


181 N. Martel Ave., Los Angeles

Episode 3 “Talk Show”/Season 1

Shauna takes Vince shopping at chic Naked to get him some hip clothes for his “Jimmy Kimmel Show” appearance.


6801 Hollywood Blvd. #143, Hollywood

Episode 4 “Date Night”/Season 1

The crew goes bowling at the trendiest bowling alley in Los Angeles – Lucky Strike in the heart of Hollywood. Lucky Strike is not only where all the celebs go to bowl with their friends, but the venue also hosts many exclusive events such as premiere after-parties, launching parties and other red-carpet soirées.


643 N. La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles

Episode 4 “Date Night”/Season 1

After a crazy night of dragging their dates around to different movie theaters and a bowling alley, the boys wind date night down with a stop at club Prey. Prey is a Moroccan-theme nightclub with enchanting décor located in trendy West Hollywood.


1016 Cole Avenue, Hollywood

Episode 5 “The Script and the Sherpa”/Season 1

Vince and the boys work out at Gold's Gym in Hollywood while Vince tries to impress his new lady love, the vegan Fiona.   


414 N. La Cienega, Los Angeles

Episode 5 “The Script and the Sherpa”/Season 1

The guys make a pit stop at one of L.A.'s premier organic vegan restaurants, Real Food Daily. The hip, eclectic hot spot attracts everyone from the most laid-back occasional vegetarians to the staunchest of the Hollywood bunch.


246 N. Canon Dr., Beverly Hills

Episode 5 “The Script and the Sherpa”/Season 1

Vince has a fancy dinner at Mastro's with a producer for the film Queen's Boulevard , which he wants to be the lead for. Mastro's not only offers a cutting-edge menu of the finest prime steaks and fresh seafood, but also features live music and dancing seven nights a week in the piano bar.


18700 Pacific Coast Hwy., Malibu

Episode 6 “Busey and the Beach”/Season 1

A big Hollywood agent invites Vince and the crew to a hot party at Topanga State Beach where the guys find some time to chill. The picturesque stretch of ocean and sand is located in Malibu and offers the ideal location for sunbathing, surfing, kayaking and babe-watching.


8793 Beverly Blvd., West Hollywood

Episode 7 “The Scene”

The crew's favorite place to share coffee is the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. With many locations throughout Los Angeles, “The Bean” has become a celebrity and average Joe staple.  


8701 Beverly Blvd., West Hollywood

Episode 7 “The Scene”/Season 1

Episode 19 “Blue Balls Lagoon”/Season 2

Turtle tries convincing the guys to have a party over a bite at Jerry's in the first season. In the second season, Vince and Mandy Moore have caused quite a stir in Page Six by being seen in public together. So, Eric insists on the entire gang accompanying the two on their afternoon out for lunch at the famous deli.


1433 North La Brea Avenue, Hollywood

(323) 969-0055

Episode 7 “The Scene”/Season 1

Vince and Eric try to convince Walsh to remove the homosexual scene from Queen's Boulevard but finally agree to it to please the artistic director. This is the moment we all learn that strip clubs have lunch buffets!


8221 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood

Episode 7 “The Scene”/Season 1

Vince and Eric meet with Walsh who is staying at the hip L.A. hotel, Chateau Marmont. Walsh reveals to them that the whole “gay scene” for the movie was only a test to see if they would trust him as a director. You can't miss seeing a famous face at the Chateau's famous pool or A-list bar.


8221 W. Third St., Los Angeles

(323) 655-5018

Episode 8 “New York”/Season 1

Episode 21 “Exodus”/Season 2

At the swanky L.A. breakfast eatery the guys discuss the pending three-month trip to New York in the first season closer. In the second season the boys must break the news to Vince that Mandy was spotted with her ex Chris. They drop the bomb over some sweet eats at celebrity-frequented Toast.


7661 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles

Episode 8 “New York”/Season 1

Eric pitches himself as manager to Vince at the posh Table 8 restaurant. Located on the trendy stretch of Melrose Avenue, Table 8 is decidedly relaxed yet sophisticated and offers an ever-changing menu of market-driven California cuisine.  


8623 W. Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood

Episode 8 “New York”/Season 1

The shopping plaza is the site of the farewell party Turtle puts together to make some cash off Vince's newfound celebrity.


1248 Third Street Promenade, Santa Monica

Episode 9 “The Boys are Back in Town”/Season 2

Episode 11 “Aquamansion”/Season 2

In the Season Two opener Johnny Drama tries a creative way to get some updated headshots at the Apple Store in Santa Monica. Turtle makes a shameless attempt to return some free swag for cash at the Apple Store.


City of Beverly Hills

Episode 10 “My Maserati Does 185”/Season 2

While shopping on the famed Rodeo Drive, the guys persuade Eric to keep his tryst a secret from Kristen.


300 N. Rodeo Dr., Beverly Hills

Episode 10 “My Maserati Does 185”/Season 2

After cheating on Kristen with a “Perfect 10” model, Eric shops for some “guilt” jewelry for his girl. For decades the most beautiful celebrities have trusted their necks, ears and wrists to the jewelers at Van Cleef and Arpels to decorate them flawlessly for the biggest events in entertainment.


9570 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills

Episode 11 “Aquamansion”/Season 2

The crew takes it to Barney's New York to shop for high-end pj's for the Playboy mansion pajama party. Barney's encapsulates the epitome of an upper crust department store and is revered as such nationwide.


726 S. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles

Episode 12 “An Offer Refused”/Season 2

When Johnny Drama asks Chris Penn to pay up on a house painting job he completed in the past, the two take it to the ring and Penn gives Drama a beating.


8687 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood

Episode 12 “An Offer Refused”/Season 2

The site for numerous Hollywood premiere parties and special events, Vince gets the news that James Cameron is directing Aquaman here.


8117 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles

Episode 12 “An Offer Refused”/Season 2

The boys celebrate the Aquaman offer until Chucky, the Supper Club manager, informs the happy crowd that their celebration may be a bit premature as Leonardo DiCaprio is rumored to be the next Aquaman.  


8265 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles

Episode 13 “Neighbors”/Season 2

The guys go out to Pane E Vino and Eric reveals the news that Vince has no money and needs the Aquaman project to pull through. With a garden patio and romantic ambiance, Pane E Vino sets the mood for its delicious Tuscan cuisine with Venetian influence.    

4100 BAR

4100 Sunset Blvd., Silverlake

(323) 666-4460

Episode 13 “Neighbors”/Season 2

To no avail, Eric tries to convince director Billy Walsh to allow James Cameron to screen a print of Queen's Boulevard so he can make an educated decision on whether or not to hire him for Aquaman. At 4100 Bar you will find an enormous Buddha watching over the eclectic crowd of hipsters at this fresh Silverlake joint.     


Universal Citywalk, 1000 Universal Studios Blvd., Universal City

Episode 14 “Chinatown”/Season 2

Turtle plays “Fight Night” at an EB Games store and Vince makes him believe there will be mandatory drug testing at this year's “Fight Night” event. EB Games is a nation-wide chain store that has every game and game machine imaginable for the videogame fanatic.


8565 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood

Episode 14 “Chinatown”/Season 2

Ari sells Vince on the idea of doing a foreign commercial for a fat payday.   The guys love having a chill meal at the Urth Café where the scene is casual yet trendy and the food is fresh, tasty and decently priced.  


6655 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90038

www.circusdisc o .com

Episode 14 “Chinatown”/Season 2

Turtle tries to make some cash by entering an X-Box competition but gets beat early in the game by a 12-year-old videogame prodigy. This huge disco has seven areas to party in including a VIP lounge, bungalow, patio and disco room.  


1819 Ocean Ave., Santa Monica

Episode 16 “Oh, Mandy”/Season 2

While relaxing poolside at the beautiful Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica, Ari presents Vince with a $2 million check for doing Aquaman . The thoroughly modern and uniquely luxurious boutique hotel is nestled by the Santa Monica Sea and is the ultimate in indulgence.


33905 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu

Episode 16 “Oh, Mandy”/Season 2

The guys hit up the Trancas Canyon Market for some groceries and Turtle decides to steal the last box of Fruit Loops from another shopper who ends up being the celebrity psychologist Dr. Joyce Brothers.  


2628 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica

Episode 16 “Oh, Mandy”/Season 2

Vince and Mandy try to see if they can work together without things being awkward so they hook up for dinner at Drago. Considered to be the Italian jewel of Santa Monica, Drago has been wowing critics and winning awards since its opening in 1991. With its fresh menu changing seasonally you never know what you may find on the menu during your next visit.


436 North Rodeo Dr., Beverly Hills|

Episode 18 “The Bat Mitzvah”/Season 2

The guys go shopping for some nice suits for Ari's daughter's bat mitzvah.   Where better to find the perfect suit than Giorgio Armani? The high-end boutique has been impressively dressing the most famous of stars for years and is often seen on the red carpet.


9876 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills

www.beverlyhilt o

Episode 18 “The Bat Mitzvah”/Season 2

The setting for Ari Gold's daughter, Sarah, to celebrate her bat mitzvah is the famed Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills. Teeny-bopper Sarah and her friends are ecstatic to have celebrity Vincent Chase in the house. The Beverly Hilton has always been the place to host exceptional events and toast life's great occasions.  


8474 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood

Episode 19 “Blue Balls Lagoon”/Season 2

Sloan and Eric have a romantic dinner at Lucques. The juicy green olives that this restaurant is named after is just the tip of the culinary iceberg. The unpretentious and easy to read one-page menu features fresh fish and organic salads. The restaurant sits in a great location in West Hollywood.


240 South Beverly Dr., Beverly Hills

Episode 19 “Blue Balls Lagoon”/Season 2

Vince, Turtle and Johnny Drama share a New York style pie at Beverly Hills' own Mulberry Street Pizza. The thin-as-paper large-as-a-tire pizza is a rarity to find on the West Coast. For years east coasters have stopped by Mulberry Street to get their Bronx-style pizza fix.


6633 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood

Episode 19 “Blue Balls Lagoon”/Season 2

The boys helps Mandy celebrate her birthday at Hollywood's well-known Geisha House. This modern Japanese restaurant, sushi bar and sake lounge is frequented by young celebs looking for sultry sashimi, sake-infused martinis and a sexy scene. Located on the happening stretch of Hollywood Boulevard, Geisha House never ceases to be packed with L.A.'s most beautiful people.


2327 Main St., Santa Monica

Episode 20 “Good Morning Saigon”/Season 2

Eric, Turtle and Drama wait to meet Vince for breakfast at the Urth Café in Santa Monica, where they almost get stood up by their boy. Chilling outside at the Urth Café by the beach is never a problem with the huge umbrellas to block the sun when it's hot, and the over-sized heating lamps to keep you warm when it's chilly.


5877 Rodeo Rd., West Los Angeles

Episode 20 “Good Morning Saigon”/Season 2

Turtle and Drama discover new rapper talent Saigon by accident and track him down at Next Motorsports.  


370 North Rodeo Dr., Beverly Hills

Episode 21 “Exodus”/Season 2

The guys bond over expensive watches at the high-end jeweler, Cartier. A primary supplier for all fine bling, Cartier carries an air of class and prestige, with a corresponding price tag.


9201 West Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles

Episode 21 “Exodus”/Season 2

Sensing that he might be let go from his agency soon, Ari sets up a secret meeting to convince other agents to leave with him. When he arrives at the rendezvous point, however, he finds it agent-free. Hamburger Hamlets have been a celebrity favorite for decades and offers incredibly fresh and delicious food as well as refreshing cocktails in the lounge.


8164 West Third St., Los Angeles

Episode 22 “The Abyss”/Season 2

Eric and Sloan talk about his future as a manager over a candle-lit dinner at the Little Door. Known for being the most romantic restaurant in Los Angeles, the Little Door has a quaint and dimly lit dining room in addition to its highly coveted patio seating.


7300 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles

Episode 22 “The Abyss”/Season 2

After Vince sinks into a funk, alienating all the guys, Turtle and Drama discuss giving Vince the silent treatment to teach him a lesson. Floyd's is a cutting edge walk-in salon where no appointment or fat wallet is necessary. It's a hip barbershop that blasts cool tunes and has a relaxing atmosphere where you can hop online while you wait and get the old-fashioned service you want.  


100 North Robertson Blvd., Los Angeles

Episode 22 “The Abyss”/Season

Turtle hand delivers invitations to see rapper Saigon to this well-known LA beauty store. Located on the same strip as clothing stores Lisa Kline and Kitson, Kiehl's finishes off the trendy Robertson shopping district.


5257 West Adams Blvd., Los Angeles

Episode 22 “The Abyss”/Season 2

Saigon's showcase takes place at Café Club Fais Do Do but everyone is disappointed when they see all the agents and managers sent their assistants. Fais Do Do is the perfect place to catch all of L.A.'s diverse music and dance scene. They offer California-Cajun fare and a funky, fun and retro landscape.