7174 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles

 HYPERLINK "http://www.thebungalowclub.com" www.thebungalowclub.com

(323) 964-9494

Any one of the boys could spend a lovely date night with a special lady and a delicious dinner at the Bungalow Club. This Arabian Nights-themed Mediterranean restaurant has a candle-lined dining room, curtained cabanas, or a romantic patio to dine in and is conveniently located on hip Melrose Avenue.


5919 Franklin Ave., Hollywood

 HYPERLINK "http://www.ucbtheatre.com" www.ucbtheatre.com

(323) 908-8702

What night out could be better than taking in an excellent comedy show at the UCB? The guys could venture out into Hollywood for an evening foregoing the club scene and opting instead for some relaxing old-fashioned fun.


624 N. La Cienega Blvd., West Hollywood

 HYPERLINK "http://www.trainwesthollywood.com" www.trainwesthollywood.com

(310) 657-4140

When the guys want to work up a sweat there is no better private gym in Hollywood than Train. Not only does Train have an intimate and upscale workout space and offer some of the latest fitness classes, it‚s also conveniently located mere steps from the boys‚ favorite Japanese restaurant: Koi.


6530 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood

 HYPERLINK "http://www.thecatandfiddle.com" www.thecatandfiddle.com

(323) 468-3800

The best fish and chips in town with a huge selection of beer and cider should be enough to persuade a visit. With a huge outdoor patio and the pet-friendly atmosphere they could bring Arnold for some fresh air, just as long as he behaves!


8474 W. 3rd St., Los Angeles

(323) 653-3959

There is no question about it, the men of Entourage love sushi. Most Angelenos, however, cannot afford to eat at Koi every week, but they still want to visit the places that the guys go to. Maybe the boys should give their wallets a break and go to Sushi Mac for the best, highly affordable sushi in West Hollywood.


1735 Vine St., Hollywood

 HYPERLINK "http://www.avalonhollywood.com" www.avalonhollywood.com

(323) 462-8900

This chic Hollywood club should be visited by the guys so everyone out there can see what the inside of the club looks like without having to stand in the heinous line!


6400 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood

 HYPERLINK "http://www.amoebamusic.com" www.amoebamusic.com

(323) 245-6400

Nothing says true, authentic Hollywood experience better than a trip to Amoeba. This impressive music store has everything under the sun you could possibly be looking for and hosts dozens of free, local artist performances a month. With Turtle venturing into the music industry at the close of last season, a trip to Amoeba can‚t be far off.


419 N. Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles

 HYPERLINK "http://www.cantersdeli.com" www.cantersdeli.com

(323) 651-2030

The guys may miss their New York pizza out here in L.A., but they certainly won‚t miss the NY Jewish delis with Canter‚s on Fairfax. Canter‚s is as authentic as it gets when it comes to down-home Jewish cuisine, and the matzo ball soup is bound to make the boys feel like they‚re right back home on the east coast.


8447 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood

 HYPERLINK "http://www.qsbilliards.com/barneysbeanery/" http://www.qsbilliards.com/barneysbeanery/

(323) 654-2287

Barney‚s is the third oldest restaurant in Los Angeles and has been serving Angelenos for more than 80 years. And still it is among the most popular hot spots for the young and old in L.A. This would be a great watering hole for the guys to scout out.


6922 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood

 HYPERLINK "http://www.hooters.com" www.hooters.com

(323) 962-3373

Who doesn‚t love the wings at Hooters? Sure, it‚s the wings everyone goes to Hooters for. Vince and the guys would fit right in enjoying the laid back scene and of course the gorgeous Hooters girls.


877 S. Figueroa St., Los Angeles

(213) 972-9279

The Pantry is one of very few places in L.A. that is open 24-7. Everyone knows Vince and his crew like to party it up until all hours of the night, and now they can eat some hearty food before heading home while watching the sunrise.


402 N. La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles

 HYPERLINK "http://www.trashy-lingerie.com" www.trashy.com

(310) 652-4543

Offering lingerie, clothing, swimwear, accessories, costumes and more, Trashy Lingerie the hippest retailer of unmentionables in L.A. The guys could stop in to pick up some sexy gifts for the lucky ladies in their lives.