Daddy’s Home 2 is the perfect film to add to your Holiday movie DVD collection

The Blu-Ray + DVD pack of Daddy's Home 2 is now available. The second film picks up right before Christmas as Will Ferrell’s character, Brad Whitaker and Mark Wahlberg’s character, Dusty Mayron are living the good life as co-parenting dads. The duo are getting along fondly while working out the intricacies of raising children especially during the holiday season. That is, until Brad and Dusty head out to the airport to pick up their fathers who will be sharing the Christmas holiday with them. These two dads couldn’t be farther apart. John Lithgow plays Brad's father, Don Whitaker, an affectionate and sensitive dad who isn’t afraid to show and share his emotions.  Dusty’s Navy pea coat clad dad on the other hand gives us a a preview of what he is all about as he leers at an attractive woman while coming down an airport escalator.  And, that dad, Kurt Mayron is played by Mel Gibson. Kurt is the complete opposite of Lithgow’s Christmas sweater wearing character. The womanizing and NOT “father of the year” to an emotionally scarred Dusty is now a grandfather trying to get back into the lives of his son and grandchildren. Kurt is thrown off by the affection and camaraderie that Brad and Dusty have shown each other. As a result, he sets out to break-up this “Bro-mance” that he feels is threatening the family lineage.  And, that’s the basis of Daddy’s Home 2 with Gibson’s character stirring the pot and creating tension and comedy in a number of scenes that will ultimately break Brad and Dusty’s alliance.  

Reminiscent of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation in some aspects, Daddy’s Home 2 is the perfect film to add to your Holiday movie collection. There are plenty of funny moments in the film including a family outting to get the covenant Christmas Tree, a snowblower that wrecks havoc on the Christmas decorations of their Airbnb rental and the return of John Cena as Roger, the biological father of Wahlberg's stepdaughter. The Daddy’s Home 2 Blu-Ray and DVD comes with a bonus digital copy of the film. Special features include deleted, extended and alternate scenes, interviews with the stars of the film including the new dads in town, Mel Gibson and John Lithgow.

If you have pre-teen and young teenager kids, Daddy’s Home 2 is a film that the family can kick back to. It offers parents the opportunity to spend two hours watching a film with their kids that provides comic relief for the entire family.  For more information about Daddy’s Home 2, visit