Both the Museum of Fine Art in Boston and the National Portrait Gallery in London coordinated with the head curators of LACMA to orchestrate this newest exhibit at the Los Angeles Museum. This is actually the third exhibit that LACMA has devoted to the artist and the single largest compilation of his work to date.

David Hockney is one of the most well-known British artists of his generation. He studied at the Bradford School of Art and later at the Royal College of Art in London. The pen and ink sketches from these early days open the LACMA display, tracing back to Hockney‚s earliest works and noting the artist‚s progress over the course of his 40-year career.

The exhibit showcases nearly 160 pieces, including the series Hockney is best-known for, his Studio Visitor series. From 1989-1991 the artist captured portraits of all the visitors coming through his studio or home. The smaller Malibu portraits of 1989 as well as the digital collages and camera lucida works from the ‚90s are all on display as well.

Hockney‚s most recent work is also included in the display. Reminiscent of his grand portraits from the ‚60s and ‚70s yet interlaced with watercolor and oils, Hockney‚s new pieces are among his most vibrant and expressive. Also included in the exhibit are some of the artist‚s sketchbooks and preparatory photographs from the ‚60s.

Hockney often uses the same sitters in his pieces ˆ friends, family, lover and even himself ˆ revealing a somewhat circular artistic preoccupation with his work, yet also showing an extreme intimacy with the subject. Through each work, he‚s exploring his own relationships and processing his own joy and sorrow.

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