Lawrence Wu grew up working in the family restaurant business which included mixing up batches of their hot sauce using a family recipe.  As Wu grew, graduating college and navigating the landscape of what he was going to do with his life, he had an epiphany to develop a hot sauce that would add flavor to every meal - breakfast, lunch and dinner.  After toiling around the kitchen trying different concoctions, he came up with a recipe for WUJU Hot Sauce.  The sauce is a unique blend of agave, mustard and Thai-inspired flavors that adds a wonderful taste to your food.  Let’s break down the original WUJU Hot Sauce.

The label - In a very competitive condiment market especially in the hot sauce sphere, the brand’s label has to stand out and capture the essence of the product.  The WUJU motto is a responsibly sourced hot sauce with a sweet and spicy faire, inspired by the warmth of the sun. Does the label reflect that? Yes, the label features a mango and Habanero pepper. The mango is bigger on the label than than the pepper indicating a sweeter taste and milder hotness to the sauce.  The background of the label includes a rising sun over a sea of clouds and water. The color scheme is more of a pastel color palette which works fine as it compliments the color of the sauce itself which has a dark mustard tone.

Ingredients - Organic Agave Nectar, Mango, Yellow Mustard (Vinegar, Water, #1 Mustard Seed, Salt, Tumeric, Spices), Water, Orange Juice Concentrate, Brown Sugar, Habanero Pepper, White Vinegar, Chili Power, Curry Powder, Cumin, Salt, Black Pepper

Aroma - WUJU Original Hot Sauce has a marvelous aroma. You can pick up a plethora of scents that are reminiscent of Thai food dishes such as Pad Thai.

Taste - The sauce has a sweet spicy taste with a hotness that kicks in on the backend as you eat your food.  That hotness is lasting but not overwhelming. It works quite well in its coverage of breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I’m a big fan of Egg-In-A-Whole for breakfast and adding WUJU Hot Sauce to the dish added so much more flavor to this breakfast item. For lunch, in the popular Avocado Toast realm, the creativity utilized for this popular food item is endless.  However, on a simpler approach, a generous splashing of WUJU sauce on top of the avocado and toast will satisfy any Avocado Toast connoisseur.  Finally for dinner, I used the sauce on a Peruvian chicken and rice dish.  It added a terrific taste to this wood flamed cooked rotisserie chicken.

Heat - For the original sauce, on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give it a 7.

Overall - A very good sauce that will enhance any basic food dish. I highly recommend it.