It’s wonderful when you get a raise, get engaged or get your side hustle off the ground, but those things don’t happen every day. The good news is good things DO happen daily — and they increase when we pay attention to them.

Here are some random things that can make you happy, no matter what else is going on in your world:

1. Praise someone in public. This can be in person, or on a Facebook post, an Insta comment or in a group email — highlight something good they did or how they’ve helped you. They will remember this, and you’ll feel great too!

2. Put a stash of yummy in your bag. I love throwing candies in my bag (knowing I’ll forget about them and enjoy them when searching for my keys). I also love having the Wedderspoon honey sachets in my purse to add a luxurious touch to my tea wherever I go.

3. Pop on an uplifting podcast. I’m loving Lewis Howes’s, Melyssa Griffin’s and Julie Solomon’s right now.

4. I always wear black, but on days I need an energetic boost, I wear something a little more dazzling! Pink skirt? Lovely! Yellow coat? Yes please! Red lips? Don’t mind if I do! Color is a free, easy way to brighten things up.

5. Be early for something. A coffee date. A movie. A phone call. Enjoy the few minutes you have to wait to just breathe, and notice how your body feels. You’ll go from rushed to relaxed in an instant.

6. Help someone. Assist someone with a stroller down the stairs, let someone cut in line who looks hurried or even just wait to hold a door open for the person behind you … do it gracefully.

7. Sign up to receive regular emails from a fun and inspiring blog or site. In my opinion, nothing beats Seth Godin’s and Gabby Bernstein’s (and — of course — my own)! And did I mention Greatist?

8. Really listen to the people who talk to you. Take your paws off your phone!

9. Tell someone you love them … even if it’s just your cat. And look them in the eye when you do it. Love is the most precious thing we have.

10. Text a friend who you haven’t reached out to in a while. A short text remembering something funny you did together or requesting a fun meetup will put you both in a lighter mood.

11. Journal for a few minutes about what your side hustle may be. Spring is a beautiful time to start!

12. Eat or drink something indulgent. Key lime pie is back in season! And champagne is always a good idea. Even if you go to a café or bar alone for an hour to partake. Enjoy every second! No guilt necessary.

13. Update your screensaver to something that makes you smile. 

14. Compliment someone! Like your colleague’s new haircut? Someone’s outfit look nice today? Tell them! The boost this gives will impact both of you.

15. Read something that uplifts you. Currently I’m loving Aesop’s Fables for their age-old wisdom and insights into human behavior. I read at least one daily. It takes less than two minutes!

16. Say thank you. Loudly. Do you just love your latte, bagel or salad every day? Tell the person who makes it!

17. Allow yourself to dream — and if you need a little push, the Bucketlist Bombshells provide major (practical!) travel and lifestyle inspo!

18. Look in the mirror and compliment yourself. Repeat often! Because you are doing a great job at life.

19. Smile! Smiles, like kindness, are free. A smile from a stranger on the street or on the subway can remind us the world that we’re all in this together. So we may as well be nice.

What will you do first?


Susie Moore is Greatist’s life coach columnist and a confidence coach in New York City. 


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