Look closely at this picture. In the background is Marine One, the official helicopter of the President of the United States along with the best of our military servicemen standing next to the steps of Air Force One. All represent the power and prestige of the presidency. In the very front, is Donald Trump, our President discussing a porn star related matter along with other self-inflicted wounds that include multiple lies from him, his administration and the “loopy,” Rudy Giuliani. This is the President we are suppose to trust when our service members (fathers and sons, mothers and daughters) are put in harm’s way. This is the President we are suppose to trust in negotiations with North Korea. Donald Trump and his administration are beyond being an embarrassment. They simply can not and will not ever be trusted again. Comedian Michelle Wolf may have given a raunchy performance at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner but she was SPOT ON when it came to her observations about Trump, his lackey staff and the role his base and the media had in bringing this man to power.