Head Automatica is hot, and so is Popaganda , the band's follow up to the 2004 debut Decadence . This time around the band leans closer to the pop rock genre, rather than the electro-rock, but the tunes are just as easy to dance to.

It still incorporates fun guitar parts, funky bass lines and beats that made Head Automatica's first album so instantly infectious. The charismatic quality of singer Daryl Palumbo shines through on each of the album's tracks, and by looking at some of the song titles – “Laughing At You,” “Lying Through Your Teeth,” “Shot in the Back” – it's easy to get a good sense of where he's at mentally with Popaganda.

“Scandalous” is a sultry, passion-driven track, while   “She's not it” feels like it would have been the perfect fit for an '80s romantic comedy soundtrack. As a whole, Palumbo and band mates have succeeded again at creating catchy, pop songs that will be stuck in your head for days.  

Grade: B