Désolé have a big, sweeping, dense sound that might be patterned after dino-rockers Yes. At the very least, there are many similarities in how both bands blend lots of instruments and voices into both rockers and acoustic numbers. Désolé do it though, without an over-reliance on keyboards and that keeps its thoughtful lyrics from getting lost in noodling.

In “Familiar Pills” the lads hand out some subtle advice that it's time to get out of an obsessive love relationship, breaking the news gently with “You got a record to play and the song's for her” but pulling no punches with a chorus of “Take those familiar pills/And then you do it again/And then you do it again.”

Désolé do not write typical verse-verse-chorus stuff so each song has its “hook” in a different place and that has the effect of letting you sit back and enjoy the (stellar) musicianship as opposed to knowing just where every note will fall. Nice going.

Grade: A