Why waste time seeing the same romantic cliches in several movies when you can catch them all in Date Movie? Alyson Hannigan plays Julia Jones (with a Bridget Jones-like diary). After a nightmare in which she is rejected by Napoleon Dynamite (wearing a Don‚t Vote for Pedro shirt), the waitress falls for the Hugh Grant/Ben Stiller-ish Grant Funkyerdoder (Adam Campbell) over the objections of her family.

The execution gets bogged down in the parody cram of Meet the Fockers, The Wedding Planner, My Best Friend‚s Wedding, Kill Bill, Hitch, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, When Harry Met Sally and Wedding Crashers, just to name a few. But the real offense is trying to pass off cruelty and gross-out moments as humor. Fat jokes? Suicide jokes? Kicking passed-out drunks and stealing their money?


Although, the final romantic exchange in which the leads swap lines from Pretty Woman, As Good as it Gets, Jerry Maguire and Notting Hill is worth waiting for.

Best extra: Adam Campbell sending up Peter Jackson's King Kong diaries in Fox Movie Channel Presents "Making a Spoof."

Grade: C