Just when it seemed that Good Riddance was veering towards the end of its road – the members hadn't released anything in three years, and all of them had gone on to other things: college, “real world” jobs and taken on other musical endeavors – the band presents an album that harkens back to its earlier and brightest days.

My Republic is a quick paced album that proves the members of Good Riddance, though aged, still have some bite left in them. They have always stuck to their guns regardless of what fad happened to be passing at the moment, and the album's 14-tracks are a testament to the unwavering ideals and heart the band has.

Musically, the songs are much lighter on the aggression and heavier on melody as showcased in “Up To You” and “Uniform” (possibly they are easing up with age), but with songs like “Darkest Days” it's clear: Good Riddance is still gold.  

Grade: B