Radio 4 is all over the place on Enemies Like This , and it's not such a bad trait. The New York-based band – who has established itself as a political-ranting, punk funk group – grabbed inspiration from the Clash, early-'80s U2 and reggae to meld together the range of music that's on its new album. It's music that you'd hear in a hip vintage clothing shop, thanks to its background vibe and style variation that ends up entertaining any ADD-plagued adult cruising the packed racks of used clothes.

The CD explodes with its signature herky-jerky, disco pop sound on the title track and continues with a wide range of punk styles throughout the next few songs including “Too Much to Ask For.” Then the drums start on “This is Not a Test,” creating a danceable number that accomplishes a lot with a few lyrics.

The few slow tunes on the 10-song album are reggae-infused, with a strong baseline that leads the funk that is noticeable throughout the CD. And although the music on Enemies Like This is remarkable, the vocals are, at times, less than impressive with their distortion and subtle lyrics.

If you like a variety of rhythm and punk, pick up Enemies Like This – that is, after you pick up your legwarmers and aviator glasses at the closest vintage shop.

Grade: B