With new styles and every length under the summer sun, shorts are more versatile than ever this season. Knee-length pinstripes can be sported at work with a blazer and pumps and super short shorts can be dressed up with a sexy top and heels to be worn out at night.

The best part is there is a short for every body shape out there, the trick is to find the one that's right for you.  

Not everyone is blessed with supermodel long legs but if you are, try a pair of slender trouser shorts. Cropped just above the knee and fitted all the way down these shorts have a low-ride, trouser-style waist and look great paired with heels or flats.  

For those cutie pies on the shorter side, fear not – some of the hottest designs look perfect on you! We have all seen the top shorts trend on Hilary Duff and Rachel Bilson (both very petite) – short shorts with stylish, flowy tops and layers upon layers of necklaces.

The cutest styles of short shorts have plaid or pinstripe designs and a good fit – not too tight or billowy. To elongate shorter legs add some sky-high heels to the mix. Just be careful not to show too much skin up top to avoid exposure overload.

Everyone looks good in the loose-fitting Bermudas that come just below the knee for a super comfortable yet stylish ensemble. Opt for vertical stripes or solids in earth tones to get the most flattering look from these shorts. Pair them with a fitted tank or tee and some sneakers or sandals for the perfect beach-y look.

Long shorts to short shorts and every length in between are hot right now so go out and experiment in the dressing room to see what style fits your body and your personality.