Years of nuclear testing have left a chunk of New Mexico unfit for living – unless, of course, you don't mind looking like one of its mutated residents (think Sloth of Goonies fame, only nastier and without the sweet tooth). Unfortunately, a wrong turn and some blown tires have left a squabbling family stranded smack in the middle of “town.” And, well ... you know.

Version 2.0 of The Hills Have Eyes arrives a mere 29 years after the original and exists for one purpose (rhymes with “flood and huts”). To that end, it scores. The story is flatter – we don't really get to know the hill folk at all this time around – and the family ain't no great shakes either. But Eyes manages to get your heart racing in spite of those shortcomings, and that alone makes it a worthy choice the next time you crave a good scare.

Extras: Two crew commentary tracks, making-of documentary, production diaries, music video.

Grade: B