Tis the season to show your appreciation to all the friends and family in your life. Why not shower them with indulgences, from beauty supplies, to delicious treats, to gorgeous books.


Juice Beauty makes it easy to have fun, look pretty, and indulge your urge for wellness with their organic products. The Colors of California compact comes with five, exceedingly luscious shades of lip gloss to paint your pout for Xmas, New Year’s and into Valentines.


For those who like to entertain, root7’s Himalayan Salt Shots are pretty and surprisingly functional. The set of four “glasses” are made completely of salt, and make the perfect shot glasses paired with tequila and a slice of lime.


Inika’s Limited Edition Lipstick Crayon Trio are the perfect colors for just about anyone. Creamy without being too heavy, the colors can be used as stains, lip liner, or full-on lipstick, depending on your mood.


Shupaca’s cozy throws add a little color to any living room or bedroom. Perfect to snuggle with while watching tv or reading a book, these alpaca wool blankets are softer than cashmere.


Boys and girls will love reading “North Pole Ninjas,” by Tyler Knott Gregson, and Sarah Linden. The charming tale is an adorable twist on holiday classics. The fun addition of a list of missions gives kids a chance to spread their own Xmas cheer.


Who knew maple syrup came in so many varieties? Runamok Maple sells a plethora, from sweet to savory. Use the Merquen, infused with smoky chiles, for BBQ, or the Jasmine Tea for very sophisticated pancakes. If you end up keeping the syrups for yourself, you might just find yourself sneaking spoonfuls out of the fridge - they are that delicious.

Brin’s Banana Jam, with whole bean vanilla, will quite possibly rock your breakfast to the core. Try it on toast, or blow up your usual PB & J. Another great find on the myPanier website, a place brimming with terrific choices for those with food-on-the-brain, is Entube’s Harissa Chili Paste - add it to eggs or a burger or salad dressing to take them up a notch.


Sometimes Los Angeles can be a hard place to love, but those of us who love it, love it hard. The David Kipen edited “Dear Los Angeles” delves into diary writing by luminaries, like Marilyn Monroe and Albert Einstein, detailing thoughts about our fair city.


SF Mercantile’s line of products based on old California logos from the 19th Century make for great gifts. The T-shirt, with a picture of a bear, hugging the state will please dads, granddads, boyfriends, and any other dude you might have in your life.

Thoroughly wondrous, Jason Lutes’ graphic novel, “Berlin” tells the story of the rise of Nazis in Germany. The illustrations convey the power and dark beauty of the time and place.


Girls who plan on making the holiday rounds will appreciate Jane Iredale’s gorgeous, refillable  compact to powder in public. Fill it with Rose Dawn Bronzer and brighten up your face, and your outlook for 2019.


Just when fanny packs seem like a relic of the past, they roar back to life. It should be no surprise that Everlane makes a stylish and practical version that can go from the trail to the cafe.


Face masks have really come into their own as DIY facials. Vitabrid’s Dual Mask just about transforms skin with its synergistic hybrid composition.

Megababe’s Thigh Rescue Anti-Chafe Stick is everything you never knew you always wanted. This ingenious solid roll-on works wonders to keep your legs friction-free.


Just a little bit of Frenchiness can smarten up your day. Avene’s Cold Cream Nourishing Lip Balm goes above and beyond to soothe winter’s flaky skin, while also providing that je ne sais quoi.


Falcon Enamelware’s colored enamel tumbler are so charming you might want to use them even when you’re not camping. In fact, they make great toothbrush holders, or pen holders, or even refreshingly unpretentious wine glasses. Drink up.

Pendleton is a company that has been around forever and speaks to quality and timelessness. Their cozy wool blankets make for perfect bedding, or even better, cozying up next to a fire.


Dr. Hauschka’s line of beauty products is truly singular in its luxury and simplicity. The Rose Day Cream calms sensitive skin with a mix of Rose Wax, Petals, and Hips.


Out of Print is known for its fantastic t-shirts printed with vintage book covers. A lot of the designs translate well to movie lovers too. The “Jaws” tee is both scary and classic.


Votre Vu’s Bebe Duette is just about the coolest product for any female in your life. A combination grapefruit hand lotion, clear lip balm, in one nifty package, this super cute tube even contains a tiny mirror in the lid - perfect to carry in your car or purse.


Fluf’s line of sturdy canvas products are both practical and attractive. The collapsible Laundry Tote holds a bundle and is sure to impress any girl, or boy,  you might bump into in the laundry room.


Another great product from Fluf, the Carry-All Zipper Bag holds class supplies, make up, or anything else you need to keep track of. The adorable print includes foxes, unicorns and pineapples to brighten up your day.


The “Little People, Big Dreams,” series focuses on an extremely diverse group of notable people with an aim to entertain and educate. Beautifully illustrated, the books cover everyone from Frida Kahlo, to Nelson Mandela,  to Marie Curie.

Gertrude Chandler Warner’s “The Boxcar Children” books is a classic series, cleverly rebranded to suit our youngest generation. Fun and lively, these mysteries are great for young readers, or to read aloud.


“The Element in the Room,” by Mike Barfield, and illustrated by Lauren Humphrey, is one of those gorgeous kids books that works equally well for adults. It breaks down atomic ingredients in a way that is fun, pretty to look at, and informative.


The Original Luxardo Gourmet Maraschino Cherries are nothing like your grandmother’s tasteless neon fruits that showed up in the Shirley Temples of your youth. Plump, juicy and a stunning shade of Bordeaux, pour these babies and their syrup over vanilla ice cream, or use them to concoct a mean whisky sour.


Rifle Paper Co puts their spectacular designs on everything from bags to cards to tennis shoes to water bottles. But the dish towels! Brighten up your kitchen, your morning, and your routine with one of their gorgeously illustrated tea cloths.


The “Mary Poppins” series, by P.L. Travers, reads just as well today as ever. After you see the new film with Emily Blunt, do yourself a favor and read one of the books. Or two.


Smith & Cult’s marvelous nail lacquers give you just the colors you want to color yourself happy. The Nail Trio is perfect for the holidays, with colors redolent of Xmas trees and New Year’s confetti.