MySpace has bred a lot of the great embarrassments of American culture. Tila Tequila. The downward-shot, overexposed user photo. Professional do-nothings who aren't Paris Hilton. Everyone and everything you see at Club Moscow.

Luckily, MySpace can find redemption by being the whole reason Orange County natives I Am Ghost formed a band. Frontman Steven Juliano used the hub of all that is addictive and ridiculous about youth culture to round out his band's roster and start building an early and ultimately effective word of mouth buzz.

After self-releasing its EP, We Are Always Searching , the band would sign with Epitaph and quickly become one of the most talked about bands to have its upcoming stint on the Vans Warped Tour only be its second tour ever. Mixing elements of everything on the darker side of music – from goth to metal to punk to emo – the band hasn't begat its success by riding on anyone else's coattails either.

Completed by guitarists Gabriel Iraheta and Timoteo Rosales, bassist Brian Thomas, violinist Kerith Marcantonio and drummer Ryan Seaman, I Am Ghost prove that, Panic! at the Disco notwithstanding, maybe some bands really are worth believing the hype.

“Kids hear us and they hear something different that hasn't been presented before,” credits Thomas for I Am Ghost's ever-growing fan base. “That and our desire to connect with fans have definitely helped the hype,” he says, aware that buzz without substance can only take a band so far.

Those hooked by the band's EP can expect its signature style to remain on the upcoming album, scheduled for an appropriate Halloween release this year, while its members take full advantage of having a label's backing to help them realize their full potential.

“We didn't have the time, budget or experience to do a lot of the things we envisioned,” Thomas admits of his band's first recordings. “So for this next album, we've been able to put into our music a lot of the creative ideas we've been wanting,” he adds.

“It's going to be everything in the EP times ten. We were able to write a lot more three part harmonies, our songwriting structure has improved, we've just grown as a band, really refined who I Am Ghost is.”

With the aforementioned buzz only getting stronger in anticipation of their first album, Thomas doesn't hesitate to say that high expectations can at times be daunting. “There were definitely times while writing this record where we felt the pressure, but at the end of the day, you have to write music for yourself. Even if you have the best intentions, first it has to mean something to you. Then people will see the passion that you put into it.”

“We're not here to make a fashion statement and we're not here to be that bro band and just go out and have a good time,” Thomas continues. “When we started the band, we said we wanted kids to appreciate the things they have, make them think about why they do things, help them gain a deeper understanding of who they are and where they're going. We use a lot of darker imagery, but it's all about triumph and overcoming, letting your trials and your hardships strengthen you and make you that person you want to become.”

Accomplished as they may already be, the members of I Am Ghost are very much still on the journey of becoming who they want to be as well. And with so much still left to achieve, it doesn't look like they'll be slowing down anytime soon.

After all, they can rest when they're dead, right?