Do you remember the scene in Office Space in which Michael Bolton (David Herman) is sitting in his car singing along to a gangsta rap song with his windows down? This very scene led me to separate my CD collection into two piles: those that I listen to with the windows down, and those that are not exposed to outside air.

AFI's latest release Decemberunderground , left me with a serious decision to make: in which category do I place this album? Radio-friendly “Miss Murder” and surprisingly hardcore ”Kill Caustic” are certainly open-air quality. As the CD goes on, however, synth-pop elements take over on irresistibly catchy tracks such as “Summer Shudder” and “Love Like Winter.”

Despite truly enjoying these songs, I wouldn't be caught dead singing along to these in traffic. Therefore, in honor of Michael Bolton, Decemberunderground was placed high atop the pile of indoor music.

Grade: B