If there's anything to learn from the men of Blue Collar Comedy, it's that where there's a whole lot of rednecks there's a whole lot of comedy. The men that have exposed and poked fun of nearly every aspect of the redneck culture have done it one last time in One for the Road .

Bill Engvall reminisces about his moronic behavior as a child, which was revisited when he bought his son a trampoline. “I started jumping on the trampoline and it all came back to me: If you don't hit square, you go up at an angle, you don't come down at the same angle. I'm 20 feet in the air and all the sudden my high school geometry kicks in.”

Ron White, always dressed in a suit and with a drink and smoke in hand, explains the dieting tips he's received from skinny people: “Drink a lot of water, you'll be less hungry. You know what? Drink a lot of water, you'll be less thirsty.”

Jeff Foxworthy presents some fine observations about Wal-Mart shoppers – “There's not a whole lot of supermodels shopping at Wal-Mart,” – and offers some redneck fashion tips. Redneck fashion tip No. 1: “If your rear end looks like two full-grown raccoons wrestling in a 50lb bag of feed corn, say no to spandex.”

Larry the Cable Guy finishes the night off with talking about various bodily functions.

“I made two New Year's resolutions, so far I have kept both of them. Well I ate a booger yesterday, but I couldn't help it. It was dry air and it was a good one – you don't want to but then you're like what the hell.”

While possibly not the quartet's best material to date, they never fail to generate laughter through and through.  

Grade: A-