Previous Fringe award winners team up for this year’s Hollywood Fringe to create the First official Bouffon/Clown troupe “MIL GRUS” led by world renowned physical theater artist Dean Evans of “Honeybuns” fame. Be prepared as, this motley crew of miscreants crawl out of the gutter to make you question reality in the most exhilarating way. This timeless satire features improvised feats of physical and existential comedy that defy explanation and provoke unfettered, eery glee. Come see what's behind the curtain, starting June 9, 2019 at The Mccadden Place Theatre.

After having toured the Los Angeles variety scene with rocking success, this will be the first full length show the “Mil Grus” company has produced. Inspired by the exuberant style of Grotesque clownery, Dean Evans directs this unique bunch of ne’er-do-wells with his own sense of devilry and mischief.  

THE NAME “Mil Grus,” a Latin based meaningless phrase that, were it to mean anything, might mean “a thousand cranes may in theory shed a little light on this band of assembled miscreants. But it’s a wide open field, and we’re not making any promises! Blame the  ensemble members of “Mil Grus” if you must. Isaac Kessler, Jenson  Titus Lavalee, Grayson Morris,  Jeremy Sapp, and  Helene Udy.

THE MIL GRUS LOGO based on an etching of 3 cranes, one with a stone in it’s raised claw, is based on the medieval myth in which it is said that the wise cranes protect themselves, by having one crane stay awake so the rest may sleep. If that crane should fall asleep and therefore drop the stone, it will be retrieved immediately by one of the other cranes. Thus working in ensemble to uphold each other and protect the flock, these delicate birds are able to survive. Our founding director fascinated by the story, was enchanted by the original etching of the myth, which then inspired our logo, and led to the creation of our name.. 

THE BOUFFON STYLE of clownery is a modern French theater term that was re-coined in the early 1960s by Jacques Lecoq at his L'École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris to describe a specific style of performance work that has a main focus in the art of mockery,  which explores elements of burlesquecommedia dell'artefarcegallows humorparodysatireslapstick, etc. that collectively influenced the development of modern Bouffon performance work.[wikepedia]

MIL GRUS THE SHOW presented by  “Mil Grus” is an ensemble piece devised by all the members of Mil Grus, under the leadership and direction of well know physical clown Dean Evans, of ”Honeybuns“ fame. 

FOR MORE INFORMATION on the company and upcoming shows, stay in touch with Mil Grus on social media: “Like” on Facebook; follow on Twitter @MilGrus; follow on Instagram @MilGrus.

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WHAT: World Premiere of “Mil Grus” at the 2019 Hollywood Fringe Festival.


FRIDAY JUNE 14 - 10:30PM




WHERE: McCadden Theatre, 1157 N. McCadden Place, Los Angeles, CA 90038, USA

TICKETS: $15.00