Los Angeles has a buzz in its ear and it goes by the name of Gliss. After checking out one of the L.A. trio's Monday night shows during its residency at Silverlake Lounge last month, it's clear that this buzz is one that this city will not be getting tired of anytime soon.

One really only has to see Gliss once to realize what all of the fuss is about. Not only do Martin Klingman, Victoria Cecilia and David Reiss lure you in with their pulsating beats and fuzzy guitar riffs, but they keep you enthralled throughout their entire live show. The three members are constantly interchanging duties on bass, guitar and drums while Klingman's understated vocals massage the ears.

The chemistry amongst the small collective of musicians is evident, a direct result of the many hours spent jamming together since forming in 2004. Since its very first gig at Star Shoes (with L.A. Underground alumni, the Adored), Gliss has captivated crowds up and down the West Coast, New York and even across the Atlantic. The band has also shared the stage with Giant Drag and Secret Machines as well as Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and the Editors while supporting Billy Corgan's solo European tour last year.

While on that particular Corgan tour, Gliss penned the majority of the songs that are featured on the Love the Virgins CD that will be available in stores later this summer. Following in the footsteps of the group's previous efforts like the Halfway Gone and Kick in Your Heart EPs, the album presents 11 hypnotic tracks but the disc is also injected with a harder edge than anything the band has previously produced.

From the first few moments of opening track “I Want You,” the throbbing beats immediately take hold of you. Klingman's somewhat garbled delivery adds an air of mystery as the lyrics fall from his mouth. The intense guitars will wake you right up so that you're all set to commence the head bobbing to “Huh What.” The track is so unbelievably catchy, it will be stuck in your head for days.

Cecilia takes control of the vocal reigns on “Blue Sky” resulting in one of the CD's most sexy tunes. Meanwhile, Love the Virgin's most delicious song “Kissing the Blvd” drops one straight into a blurry night full of twisted emotions entwined with euphoric haze. The disc has just hit store shelves in Europe where the group will be spending the rest of its summer playing various festivals.

Quite simply, this is a band comprised of a flawless blend of songwriting excellence and impeccable execution. After one listen or catching one of their live shows, Gliss will be your new favorite musical ménage à trois.

Gliss will perform July 11 at the Viper Room, in West Hollywood. For more information, visit www.gliss.tv.