The truth is, The Sufferer and the Witness doesn’t exactly show Rise Against breaking any new ground with its sound. It does, however, show a strident push forward in the all-around musicianship of one of the most passion-driven bands out there today.

Lyrically, the band is at its darkest point yet, and with frontman Tim McIlrath’s striking ability to convey emotion with every note he belts out, making the songs that much more heartfelt. True to Rise Against’s sound, the fast songs are angst-filled and aggressive (“Chamber and the Cartridge,” “Brick”), the melodies are catchy (“Ready to Fall,” “Under the Knife”) and the gritty vocals coupled with powerful lyrics (“Roadside”) make The Sufferer and the Witness another solid effort from Rise Against.

Grade: B

The Sufferer and the Witness is currently available.