You can hear the pains of growing up on So They Say’s new album. And you feel for them as well.

The Midwest-born group wrote Antidote for Irony to reflect on learning to deal with change, revenge and growth. Working with Matt Squire’s expertise – who has worked with Panic! At the Disco and the Receiving End of Sirens – made the band members come to terms with their lives.

Lyrics such as “I’ll know all I need to know to bury you” (“In Essence We’re Falling” and “Don’t you forget the worst is yet to happen” (“A Beautiful Plan”) show the depth of honesty in the band’s work.

However, the chorus’ hooks, pop sound and explosive guitar offsets the CD’s gloomy emotion. The album’s punk/emo influence leaves listeners with a kick in their step, as long as they don’t concentrate on the lyrics, that is.


Antidote for Irony is currently available.