Ryan Sallis took over the main stage at The Hotel Cafe on Saturday night with a packed house.  Sallis was joined by his friend, musician Dalton Grant, along with a full supporting band.  He and two female back up vocalists belted out songs from his self-titled EP. The band lit up the venue and mesmerized the audience as Sallis displayed incredible passion toward his craft.

By day, Sallis is a mild mannered yoga devotee; however when he steps onstage, he undergoes a type of metamorphosis and roars brute strength. Sallis melds together his style of Hip-hop and R&B-Soul. His set was tight and potent, featuring songs such as “Cocaine,” “Night and Day” and “This Is Goodbye,” which closed out the evening. As the band walked off the stage, the audience picked up the chorus on “This Is Goodbye," causing members to return to the stage and join the crowd in extending the song. Subtler versions of Sallis’s songs can be found on Soundcloud at soundcloud.com/ryansallis

For more information about Ryan Sallis, visit twitter.com/ryansallis and instagram.com/ryansallis.