The Wayans family name has become, in movie comedy, the equivalent of a brand. They’re the Disney of diaper jokes, the Pixar of penis humor.

Little Man, the latest gimmick-farce from Team Wayans is politically incorrect as ever, racially touchy (and mocking those who are touchy about race) and willing to push the boundaries of good taste right out the window.

It’s a White Chicks where the special effect isn’t making two young black men look like white chicks, it’s in making Marlon Wayans look like a dwarf. With stunt doubles and some digital wizardry, a guy who once played a college basketballer (The Sixth Man) is reduced to something more elfin.

But Calvin is a slap-happy elf with a foul mouth and a prison record. The day he leaves prison, he hooks up with running mate Percy (Tracy Morgan), who wants to finance a rap career with a heist-for-hire diamond theft. Calvin nabs the jewel, but things go wrong and he stashes it with a young couple (Shawn Wayans and the luminous Kerry Washington) who are debating the whole career-vs.-baby thing.

Calvin shaves, crawls into a dog-bed basket and is left on a doorstep, where he pretends to be a foundling whom the couple take in, hopefully just long enough for Calvin to grab the diamond and keep the requisite Italian mobster who hired them (Chazz Palminteri) at bay.

The plot isn’t much, but these are the folks who made the plotless Scary Movie parodies work, just with gags. The effect works better than you might guess, though it’s still an ugly, artless movie.

But those aren’t what the Wayans Brand is known for. The family delivers explosive castor oil gags, little man/grown woman sex jokes and crotch-kicks by the dozen.

Call them Kingpins of Crude, but if crude and rude are your thing, spare a little time for Little Man. There are a lot of Wayans out there who need your support.

Grade: C+

Little Man is currently in theaters.