There’s still plenty of time, but you’re starting to get close to the end of the holiday shopping season. Need an idea?

Here are a few suggestions. If you get them all, you can peel a potato, listen to music via Bluetooth or use your own Bluetooth headset with an airline sound system, all while your home is being monitored with a top-of-the-line security camera. Let me explain…

The AirFly Pro takes your own Bluetooth headphones and allows them to work with an airline entertainment system with up to two sets of headphones. I used it recently on an American Airlines flight and within seconds of sitting down, I had it up and running.

The pocket-sized adapter charges with USB-C for about 16 hours of use. Setting it up takes seconds; put both the AirFly Pro and your headphones in pairing mode and they’ll find each other. That’s it, you’re done; just plug the connected 3.5 mm audio cable from the AirFly Pro in the headphone port.

If that’s not enough, the AirFly Pro can go the other direction and allow you to send your playlists for listening in an older car or an older non-Bluetooth speaker. Even in a rental car or a friend’s, you don’t have to pair your phone to just listen to tunes, just plug and play.

The AirFly Pro is the first Bluetooth adapter, sold exclusively to Apple Stores but will work with non-Apple devices. My testing was done with House of Marley, V-Moda, and Sennheiser sound devices. The uses of the AirFly Pro are far from limited to airplanes, many TVs, treadmills and other devices only have audio out ports so the connection will be just like on an airplane. $54.99


Once you try any Ring home security product, you’ll see how easy it is to install, which you’ll do yourself. Since it’s so easy, and Ring keeps adding innovative products, it’s great to be with the Ring system. It’s so easy to keep adding indoor, outdoor and doorbell security, you’ll be hooked in minutes.

The most recent product I tried is the small and inexpensive Ring Indoor Cam, a plug-in security camera with a 140-degree view, night vision and two-way talk with noise cancellation. With plug-in power, the compact camera takes minutes to install and supplies a great image of 1080p HD video, two-way talk, and alert settings.

I already had the Ring app on my iPhone XS (also available in Google Play) so after unpacking and plugging it in, I went to the app to add a device. In less than 2 minutes I had the camera connected and running.

Within the app, like all Ring devices, you can set up what the camera captures in audio with two-way talk, video, motion setting, and motion-activated notifications. And it’s all as easy as can be. Even after the setup, the camera and app are user-friendly to make changes as you learn the system, your likes, and needs.

The camera works with the included AC power adapter and can be kept on any flat surface. It also has a swivel mount and mounting screws for hanging.

Ring protection plans are available starting at $3 per month. The Ring Protect plans are described as a comprehensive subscription service that lets you review, share and save every video and photo captured by your Ring device and opt-in to 24/7 professional monitoring. $59.99


Cave Tools new Vegetable Peelers just launched and, while not electronic, trust me, they make your kitchen life easier.

The Vegetable Y Peeler with swivel blades has an ergonomic design so it sits comfortably in either hand with a non-slip grip on the inside of the handle. I’m not a kitchen specialist but I’m peeling away to help during the holidays and my results look perfect. The peeler is designed to cut off just a thin layer of skin to preserve important nutrients, which are hidden just under the skin on fruits and vegetables, according to Cave Tools.

They also have the new stainless steel Vegetable Peeler with a straight shape, built-in potato eye remover and a non-slip grip for perfect peeling.

I found the Y Peeler perfect for bigger potatoes, and along with the vegetable peeler, it was perfect for cucumbers and carrots. But then again, this is all new to me, so either will be great for whatever needs to be peeled. The Y Peeler also worked well to slice a block of cheese, which used to be an adventure for me.

Both are simple to clean by hand or dishwasher safe. You also get a free copy of Grill Master’s Essential Barbecue recipe book and access to a recipe exchange community with over 3,400 members showing off exciting new ideas. Cave Tools offers a lifetime satisfaction guarantee for a full money back refund. $9.99 for each


If your “want list” is home-, headphone-, security- and potato peeler-free, the Edifier R1850DB Bluetooth 4.1 speakers are what you need. Don’t bother taking a few days to listen to speakers in-store sound booths, just take my advice.

I, like many, still have a receiver in my house and I need speakers. Edifier says it’s perfect on their website, “Bringing back old school design with the latest technology.”

Built with a four-inch bass unit and 19 mm silk dome tweeters inside produces deep bass and crisp high for an awesome audio listening experience.

Each speaker (6-by-10-by-8.8-inches) is built with a classic jet black finish, nice fiberboard construction and has a bottom side 10-degree angle for better listening, and a built-in amplifier with a subwoofer line out. The front grills look great and can be used on or off for whichever cosmetic look you prefer.

There’s plenty of ports for other connections (RCA, 3.5 mm Aux, etc.) on the back, along with a power button. A wireless remote works perfectly in your hand for music and volume choices. $199.99 available in black or a wood grain finish


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