Same story, different setting: A group of teenagers escape death on a roller coaster, and now the Grim Reaper wants to settle the score with each of them for doing so. And so he does, gruesomely, in ways that would definitely send a tingle down Rube Goldberg's spine.

Reasons for watching Final Destination 3 do not include character development (the teens are inexplicably idiotic) or the ensuing detective story in wake of the first round of killings (see “idiotic, inexplicably” above).

Rather, the reason to watch – and if you like mindless scary movies, FD3 does come recommended – is to see just how clever and sadistic Death can be when one of his victims has outstayed his or her welcome. Wouldn't it have been easier to just give them a disease? Always the showman, that Death.

Extras: Filmmakers commentary, deleted scenes/alternate endings, making-of documentary, two behind-the-scenes features, animated short, interactive “Choose their fate” feature.

Grade: C+