You might think from the ska beat of “Thirsty” that the tune is a good ole ode to draining a keg or two. But the thirst Zox is referring to is one that can only be quenched by the fountain of love – a source that seems to be running a bit low.

Singer Eli Miller isn't afraid to name names (“Carolyn”), but most of the songs are less specific in their neediness. Don't lump these guys in with the emo masses though; sure they're heartbroken but, they're resigned to rock (or dance) it off.

The thing that really gives Zox a distinct sound is the electric violin playing of Spencer Swain, who tunes his ax to mournful when required (“Anything But Fine”), but sounds his best when he takes the lead on speedier numbers like “Bridge Burning” and “Better If It's Worse.”

Clearly an album with a theme, The Wait circles the wagons but unrequited love gets away to return another day.