The P47 Headphones are the perfect item for traveling as it comes with many ideal features. These features include a P47 4.1+EDR Wireleass Headphone Driver Unit, Bluetooth Support, 4.1 version & downwards BT Scope of work, a 10 meters USB Charging cable, an AC input 110-220VDC input 5v Talk Time, 6 Hours Output Frequency, Class2 Noise reduction technology, DPS Digital signal processing supports with an automatic switch over to incoming calls, and last dialed number dialing function compatible with RoHS standards. The package contains 1 x Headphone 1 x USB charging cable 1 x 3.5mm audio jack. 

For it’s price of $20 the P47 Headphones have a pretty decent audio output. It also cancels out most background noises that could be inconvenient during your trip or when you’re relaxing at home. It’s best and most significant feature is that it is wireless! It connects to your phone or tablet through the bluetooth feature, and will never cut out. My favorite feature is its ability to bend. Having a foldable portable design comes in handy when you're trying to fit the headset in a compartment in your backpack for example. Before charging it, the battery lasts around three hours, a decent amount of time for something so inexpensive. Lots of functions are built into the headset and can connect to almost any bluetooth device. It's not the comfiest, but can extend where the earmuff area is adjusting to the size of your head and ears. There are also multiple color schemes which stand out and manage to get your attention.

You can also freely control the switch of previous songs and the next songs on any device, pause songs, answer calls, end calls, refuse incoming calls, dial the last number, and control volume. The durability of an P47 wireless headphones will be contingent on the materials used as well as the quality of the manufacturing process. Additionally, the type of P47 wireless headphones you purchase may affect its durability.

Another step in ensuring you get what you paid for is having the headset backed by a good manufacturer’s warranty. You can listen to music or stream shows efficiently without your ears hurting as they eventually adjust to the earmuffs. In addition, there’s an LED light that is displayed when the headset is turned on for bluetooth connection indicating when it is and isn't available for wireless use. When charging, a red light is displayed and turns off when the headset is fully charged. Overall, the headset is definitely worth purchasing.

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