SOS Hydration is a fast-acting electrolyte replacement hydration drink mix which is as effective as an IV Drip. It allows the body to absorb 3x more water than water alone, has 3x more electrolytes, 6x less sugar, and 6x less calories than competing brands for more effective fluid absorption, and no GI distress. It’s also used to improve sport performance and/or fight fatigue from work, travel and illness. For $17.50 you can purchase a 20 stick box consisting of one flavor which you can use to mix with water.

There’s a variety of flavors including coconut, watermelon, citrus, mango and berry. The product was effective and did give me a boost in energy, however the taste was very plain and not that enjoyable. Compared to sports drinks like gatorade, SOS only contains 12 calories per packet instead of 250 calories per container for example. Most customers have written reviews that the powder was tolerable and they eventually adjusted to its taste, while others stated they couldn’t stand the taste and had to mix the substance with something other than water. However, SOS’s bland taste has it’s benefits including no fillers, artificial ingredients, or preservatives. The powder dissolves quickly and thoroughly not having any type of chunky remains in your drink and is easy to digest once used to its taste.

From the reviews it seems berry, citrus and mango aren’t among the most popular flavors as people recognized coconut and watermelon as their main choice. Purchasing the powder directly through the website is a fast, straight-forward shopping experience since the website is organized and pretty simple. Customers also claim the product has a unique flavor among most of the electrolyte products being sold online. Furthermore, the product can help you sleep and workout. 

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