C1 Nutrition is a company focused on enhancing your performance as well as giving back to the veteran community. Matt Demaio, a former Marine, founder and CEO of C1 Nutrition, was tired of the over-processed sports bars that couldn’t satisfy him or enhance his performance on the battlefield so he came up with the idea to introduce a new type of bar into the food industry. His goal was to distribute fresh meal replacement bars as an alternative to the cheap and undesirable tasting ones we have become accustomed to. He was also determined to give back to two nonprofit veteran organizations: Recon & Sniper Foundation and Force Blue.

The bars include digestive proteins, slow burning carbohydrates, and sensible fats, which are all beneficial toward a better performance and long-term health benefits. Flavors include: Lemon Poppy Seed, Chocolate Coconut Almond and Apple Cinnamon and are baked to order. My personal favorite is Chocolate Coconut Almond. Immediately after biting into it, you can taste the healthy ingredients.

Those ingredients include: water, organic rolled oats, organic cane sugar, organic coconut flakes, expeller-pressed organic sunflower oil, organic cocoa powder, organic flax meal, organic brown rice syrup, organic brown rice flour (water, natural koji enzymes), organic almonds, extra virgin organic coconut oil, organic oat flour, eggs, vegetable glycerin, distilled vinegar, vanilla extract (extracts of vanilla, water, alcohol), cinnamon, citric acid, potassium sorbate and salt.

After eating a bar, you'll feel as if you just had an entire meal. It will keep you full for several hours and gives you a significant boost in energy, helping you workout. I’d say the company has successfully accomplished its goal of making the ideal bar that is a full meal replacement. One thing to keep in mind however is the fact that these bars can make you thirsty. I’d recommend a bottle of water on standby while you’re eating so you can quench your thirst. Matt’s innovative way of thinking is beneficial to not only soldiers, but also civilians.  Finally, a nutritious,  accessible source of food that can be easily carried around and eaten. Overall, I’d highly recommend purchasing a package of C1 Nutrition bars. Prices are $27.95 for a box of 6 same flavors, and $17.99 for a 3-bar variety sample pack. 

For more information on purchasing C1 Nutrition bars visit GoConditionOne.com.