As a kid, I used to frequent a delicious establishment called California Chicken Burger. It eventually went out of business and was replaced by Ameci's Pizza. In high school, Ameci's was in my heavy rotation of lunch spots due to its wallet-friendly “student lunch special.”

Comparing chicken burgers to pizza is a lot like comparing 1999's Powerman 5000 to the Powerman 5000 of 2006. Long gone are the spacesuits and apocalyptic electro-hard rock anthems. Classics such as “When Worlds Collide” were far more than songs, they were practically sci-fi experiences.

The band's latest release Destroy What You Enjoy , is actually a good album; it is a good punk-influenced rock album. While fun songs such as “Return to the City of the Dead” and “All My Friends Are Ghosts” retain the themes of futuristic doom, they sound almost like the result of musical crossbreeding between Powerman 5000 and Velvet Revolver.

Grade: B+