Ah, the joys of high school. The gossip, the lying, the cheating and the backstabbing – it all comes with the territory. Inspired by the success of teen drama “The OC,” “Laguna Beach” follows the true life events of a group of friends from the real Orange County, whose experiences aren't that far removed from those of a typical teenager – if you subtract the fancy cars, lavish shopping sprees and model bodies.

While season one, had its fair share of catfights, it was nothing compared to what unfolds during season two. The majority of the first season's cast has gone off to college (though some do make occasional appearances), and it's the former juniors, a new batch of kids, who are now ruling the school.

The focus this time around revolves around Kristin (who narrates) and her clique of friends. Conflict remains between her and Lauren, but the forefront of the drama revolves around “bad boy” Jason and those vying for his attention (Jessica, Alex, Lauren).

Tensions flair and drama escalates for these emotionally unstable teens as cliques clash at parties, winter formal, prom and in Cabo. On many levels, “Laguna Beach” portrays a cast of characters that are self-indulgent, phony, and who thrive on petty drama, but it's those exact reasons that will lure you in and hook you.

Extras:   Cast interviews, home videos, childhood photos, deleted scenes, casting tapes and more.

Grade: B