Even though a lot of us wore sweats for most of 2020, a handful of fashion trends still managed to find their way to the top of people’s shopping lists.

ShopStyle — an online fashion discovery and shopping platform — recently released its list of the top consumer trends people searched for online this year, driven by cultural events. Here’s a look back at which ones got people to open their wallets — and may keep shoppers spending in 2021.

— Handbags in unusual shapes and sizes: Ever since the rapper Lizzo carried a tiny handbag to the 2019 American Music Awards, people have been clamoring to find their own pint-sized clutch. Will it stick around: Maybe, but with no place to go anytime soon because of COVID-19 a cute-and-quirky handbag might not be needed just yet.

— All-things pearls: Online searches for pearls skyrocketed after Joe Biden tapped Kamala Harris to be his running mate. The website WhoWhatWear.com traced her love of pearl necklaces back 30-plus years through a series of photos, including one from her graduation from Howard University in 1986. In particular, ShopStyle reports that searches for pearl necklaces increased by more than 40%. Other popular searches were for headbands and earrings done in pearls. Will it stick around: It’s highly likely that people will want to don their own pearl accessories while the U.S. swears in its first female vice president in January.

— Shackets: Fashion in 2020 could be summed up in four words: work-from-home wear. We wanted to look sharp for Zoom meetings by day but feel comfy for binge-watching shows on Netflix by night. The shacket — a cross between a button-down shirt and a jacket — blended the best of both worlds. Searches for it online saw a 73% uptick, according to ShopStyle’s report. Will it stick around: Even once it’s safe for people to start migrating back to the office, don’t expect them to abandon all work-from-home wear. Things that can be dressed up, including the shacket, will likely be styled to go from the couch to the cubicle.

— Coatigans: This coat-cardigan hybrid rose in popularity this year for some of the same reasons as the shacket. It’s cool and casual, yet comfortable. Will it stick around: Kohl’s, Old Navy, Target and Nordstrom all have their own takes on this silhouette. If it’s reached these mainstream retailers, it’s likely here to stay for a while.

— Tie dye: Tie dye took off during the COVID-19 outbreak for several reasons. For starters, it translates well to sweat suits and socks, which people wore plenty of this year. It’s also a trend that can be replicated at home, for those looking for a D-I-Y project during quarantine. In the U.S., tie dye also seems to pop up during times of change and pushes for social justice, like in the 1960s. Will it stick around: For now, yes — but a day will come when homemade tie dye apparel will return to the back of the closet until its next resurgence.

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