With only a self-released EP to back them up, Vaeda has built solid fan base and garnered a lot of hype over the past three years. The group was named MySpace's best-unsigned band in Oct. 2005, and to date, it has collected more than 100,000 friends through the site.

State of Nature , the band's official full-length, is a radio-friendly disc that gives the buzz surrounding the band some legitimacy.

Vaeda's sound draws from a wide number of influences – from Nirvana to Tool – and swivels between hard rock and metal. It's a textured balance between melody and rhythm, joined with the soaring vocals of frontman Ian Cole that give the band its greatest strength.

State of Nature shows the trio as concrete musicians and decent songwriters. “All For You” and “Son of the Viper” are catchy hook-laden tracks that show off its pop side, while “Thief” and “1.25” give the band a heartier, edgier feel. Vaeda will undoubtedly find a nice niche in the modern rock scene. The only problem is, the music the band creates isn't terribly innovative.

Grade: B