Fans of bands like Yellowcard, Fall Out Boy and lostprophets will find something to like about the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, a high-energy quintet that dabbles in emo (“Waiting”), screamo (“In Fate's Hands”) and metal-edge rock 'n' roll (“Misery Loves Its Company”).

Lead singer Ronnie Winter works his pipes pretty hard when he's in scream mode but the bulk of Don't You Fake It allows him to work in a melodic vein while the other four members of the band sing and soaring harmonies abound.

“Face Down” has all the musical hooks to make it a staple at radio and its subject of girlfriend abuse will probably make for a powerful video as well. “Damn Regret” is also ready to put these guys on the map as it rocks hard and thumbs its nose at being bummed out by the past. The tender “Your Guardian Angel” closes this strong debut.

Grade: B