Lots of guys have a fear of commitment, but the character in the Umbrellas' song “Angel or Demon” takes things to a bit of an extreme. When a woman tries to strike up a barroom conversation with the opening line, “Do you have the time,” his answer is “Well, it's not mine to keep.”

Worse yet, when she makes a move by offering to buy him a drink, his paranoid counter is: “I just can't trust a girl who does the buying.” Of course this fellow has rejected the possible booty call because he is pining his life away over someone else, and that is pretty much the theme of Illuminare.

Umbrellas is a big six-piece band with a full, layered sound that comes on as gentle as a spring flower, no raucous guitar solos here. The music fits the forlorn vocal style of Scott Windsor who spends the whole album imagining, wishing for and desperately craving love – just like real life.

Grade: B