Spaceland stalwarts the Slow Signal Fade has layered many influences into the group's guitar-soaked music, including but not limited to the Cranberries, Cat Power, British shoegazer and space-rock. The Los Angeles band's debut full-length is a multi-tiered, slow burn that incessantly swells to a fiery crescendo, propelled by gauzy guitars and Sri Lankan born singer Marguerite Olivelle's vaporous voice – the best thing in alternative music since Hope Sandoval.

The extensive wall of sound arcs with great effect: delayed guitars ebb and rise, songs fluctuate from open-spaced ambiance (frail piano-acoustic guitar ballad “Counterpunch”) to epic structures. The nearly 10-minute “At Least We're Dancing” moves from a My Bloody Valentine stratagem to an expansive drone Jimmy Page would appreciate. Unearthly “That's a Long Way Down” is a hallucinatory, wired journey as distinctively solar-inflected as anything Spiritualized ever concocted.

Steady is easily one of this year's finer local releases, and an album that sounds better the more often and louder it's played.

Grade: A