Here’s an all-too-common dilemma: you walk out the door with a face mask and eyeglasses on, only minutes later to have your lenses all fogged up.

Cloth face masks with flexible nose wires and adjustable ear loops can help but still don’t always solve the problem. Pittsburgh-based designer Kiya Tomlin is now selling a different kind of mask silhouette to try to fight F.G.S. (or foggy glasses syndrome).

These designer masks have a cloth nose flap that extends up higher than on most other masks. That means when you put your glasses on, there’s not as much gapping.

I put the mask to the test with two pairs of glasses — one with oversized lenses (which typically fog up a lot) and skinnier frames. The nose flap did its job and kept me seeing clearly — I was impressed! The mask doesn’t have adjustable ear straps, though, which meant the overall fit was a bit looser than what I typically prefer. Nevertheless, it still stayed in place and was comfortable to wear.

The mask also includes three layers: one that’s repellent, one for filtering and one for cooling. It’s machine washable and can be tumble dried on a low setting.

Of course, Tomlin added a fashion touch to these masks by designing nine patterns to choose from. I opted for the blue snake print because it’s stylish yet subtle and neutral enough to be paired with a lot of different looks. There also are four black-and-gold options for Steelers fans. Perhaps the most out-of-the-box design is one with a colorful fire-breathing dragon on it.

All mask designs are $15 each at Those who spend $150 on the website will receive a free designer mask with their purchase.

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