You already know Gaelic Storm whether or not you recognize their name. And, if you enjoyed the band's Hollywood debut as steerage musicians in the blockbuster film Titanic, you'll love the new album, Bring Yer Wellies . With catchy songs soiled with a little comedy, the band's fifth studio album is Irish rock with a witty roll.

Listen close to this CD, you'll find fantastic instrumental moments and humor mixed throughout. Take for example “Don't Go for the One,” which ends in a man's clever excuse to his wife for stopping for “the one” on the way home from the snail store.

In “Never Drink ‘Em Dry,” you are reassured that the big pub in the sky will never run out of beverages. The powerful bagpipes in “ Bare in the Basin” seem to take over the song, commanding the drums to follow its lead. Sadly, t he only song you may find delivered to the masses due to its pop charm is the first on the album, “Scalliwag.”

Although this is not a live album, Gaelic Storm has captured their fiery stage performances on this CD. And luckily, I don't have to wait for their next performance – I have the album.

Grade: A