Whether you've had an unexpected influx of cash, received a generous gift card, or you've been planning this for months, a shopping spree is exciting. To make it even better, though, consider implementing a few particular financial tips and tricks to get more bang for your buck, so to speak, and make the most of your day browsing clothing racks and your favorite stores.

Find ways to reward yourself

Of course, in a personal sense, your shopping spree itself is a reward. However, what if you could also gain financial rewards for your efforts. For instance, you might compare the top credit cards in Canada or your particular country to see which ones offer particularly beneficial rewards and whether your credit score and applicable credit history would be eligible for the best credit card you find. You may earn cash back that you can apply toward statements or purchases, or you may even find that your credit card company offers travel points or miles as a perk of this rewards card. Naturally, you’ll want to consider your obligation as the cardholder and factors affecting your potential new credit card, such as cashback rewards, any annual fees or foreign transaction fees, the interest rate, credit limit, and any potential welcome bonus you could receive. Be sure to research the company, too, reviewing their privacy policy, any bank account or other financial services they offer, and whether certain terms are for a limited time only or might change after your first year.

Take advantage of budget-friendly retailers

No matter what it is you're shopping for, you can likely find a shop that offers just that for less than the average market costs. For example, if you're shopping for clothing like you’d find at a Chico’s store, you might turn to Chicos outlet as a source for quality clothing at good prices in the U.S. and Canada. If a Chico's outlet doesn’t quite meet your shopping spree needs, you may find discount retailers like TJ Maxx or perhaps even a charity shop or thrift store that have what you’re looking for. Better yet, there's a good chance it will be at a better price than you expected, even without a coupon or additional discount when you arrive.

Always check the clearance racks

Speaking of saving money on purchases, you should always make a point to stop at the clearance rack or browse sale items in your store of choice. You never know when you might find that piece of clothing or any other item you've been dreaming of on sale for a remarkably low price! Just as excitingly, you may find items that you didn't even realize you wanted. Because they're so low cost, you can easily fit quite a few into your budget, even without warning.

Browse your online options

When it comes to making purchases, particularly pricey ones, take some time to look online and see where this item is available and how much it costs there. In those cases, you may turn to retailers like eBay or resale sites and find that the item you're looking for is listed new with tags or in its box. Because the seller didn’t want it themself or couldn’t get their desired refund, it’s available with generous price adjustments. At the very least, you might learn that whatever it is you're shopping for is on sale at a different retailer helping you to get the best deal you possibly can.

When embarking on a shopping spree, you're probably not thinking first and foremost about your finances. After all, you wouldn't be splurging on such a day if you didn't have at least some money set aside to spare! However, by earning money through or saving on your purchases, you can ensure that you're making the most of this glorious shopping excursion, whether you're seeking a particular piece to add to your wardrobe or simply browsing clearance options in hopes of finding something special.